31 Kms in 8 days brings up 260 kms in 2017 so far #Fitness #Running

31 Kms in 8 days brings up 260 kms in 2017 so far #Fitness #Running

Keep running, stay consistent with your diet, keep hydrating, watch your food intake, nutrition and most importantly, have fun when you run.

keep running #1000KmsRun16 Ananth V Fitness
keep running #1000KmsRun16


11 things to keep in mind for newbie runners:

  1. Don’t ignore any pain or injury. Stop, get it checked and let it heal
  2. Don’t push yourself beyond what you feel is possible. Remember, the only competition while running is with yourself. The focus is not to go beyond but enjoy the process so that running becomes a routine more than anything else.
  3. Invest in a good pair of shoes and wear socks that let your feet breathe. 
  4. Stretching – don’t forget, its an important part of running
  5. Its not about pace, but consistency.
  6. Its not a sprint, rather a marathon. Enjoy the process.
  7. Listen to inspiring and motivational things when you run, be it music or audio books etc.
  8. If you feel tired or breathless, immediately stop. Keep checking with your doctor from time to time. Its better to rest than to never run again!
  9. Don’t bother about what others are doing. They are fast, slow, rapid….never mind… you keep your focus to help your mind and body relax.
  10. Follow up on your diet, nutrition and do not under any circumstances ignore your health. Remember, every body and individual is different. Your competition is only with yourself.
  11. Practice breathing, its even worth it to check with experts on what technique suits your running style and body the best.

Its even worth in investing in a runners group and to get the right set of training if you are serious about doing it regularly.

Be Well

Ananth V

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