29 Kms in 6 days brings up 196 kms in 2017 so far #Fitness #Running

29 Kms in 6 days brings up 196 kms in 2017 so far #Fitness #Running

Had a slow paced nice 7 Kms run today morning to gear up for the long day of work and travel ahead for our new upcoming client projects.

Morning run is always refreshing, although, I need to be honest, it was more of a jog today.

Five things to ensure you do when you keep moving, walking, jogging and running consistently:

  • Be careful about your diet
  • Keep hydrating  – water, salt, nutrients whatever suits you
  • Check with your nutritionist, doctor etc from time to time 
  • Never over exert. If you feel tired or exhausted, its okay to stop.

Remember, running is not about competition. Its about discipline! Well, whatever you do, keep moving and enjoy the journey.

running fitness ananth v


Have an amazing weekend.

Be Well

Ananth V

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