15 Kms in 6 days brings up 139 kms in 2017 so far #Fitness #Running

15 Kms in 6 days brings up 139 kms in 2017 so far #Fitness #Running

So far, so good.

Have been following my diet and running since a month now to the extent possible except for a few lunches (3 to be precise) dining outside during events, workshops and seminars in the past 18 days.

Overall, fitness levels have improved, not yet back to my original levels though, but from the looks of it, should be able to get there. It’s been about 40 days with a total of 139 Kms covered running, jogging, walking bringing an average of around 3 kms during every day (though some days I have skipped and some days I compensated with 7 kms / 9kms /10 kms running).

Another awesome and exciting thing happened when one of my iconic and inspiring (he is among my most cherished inspiring icons mentioned on my website too under the people I admire and follow http://www.ananthv.com ) Ultramarathon runner, Dean Karnazes himself shared a tweet with me boosting my morale….



The human body has limitations, but the human spirit is boundless ~ Dean Karnazes

In the past three weeks, my travel and work schedules have been messy, have been working round the clock and to make sure that I still manage to go for a walk or a jog or a run, I simply get out of the place that I am in (be it office, some other city, hotel room etc) and irrespective of what time it is, I ensure I clock a refreshing amount of time outside in some form of physical activity.

This is especially crucial for people like us who otherwise end up sitting and working in front of their laptops almost 10-14 hours per day.

I love running alone, but there is no comparison to the energy boost we get when we run in packs, groups, in massive teams. The excitement, goal to finish within a time, enjoyment, unwind, relax and the feeling is immensely gratifying.

So whatever you do, keep running, stay healthy and fit.

Have an amazing weekend.

Be Well

Ananth V

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