19 Kms in 6 days brings up 124 kms in 2017 so far #Fitness #Running

19 Kms in 6 days brings up 124 kms in 2017 so far #Fitness #Running

Finally started with my diet plan on 28th Jan 2017, though it gets increasingly difficult with the travel and dining out through the week, but enough excuses!

I know, if I want this running and fitness routine to have any positive impact, I would need to adhere to a discipline.

Lucky for me, one massive advantage has been that, getting up at dawn has never been a problem.

I am always awake and working by 4am.

Now the only difference is, I try to start with my work for the day for about 2 hours, follow it up by an hour of walking, jogging and or running too and then the travel, meetings, work routine goes on. 

Ran slow paced distances ranging from two to 10 kms this week in the past 6 days (Day 1 2kms Mumbai, Day 3 5kms Bangalore, Day 4 10kms Hyderabad, Day 5 2kms Bangalore)

Ananth V Running Fitness Endurance Mindfulness

Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up ~ Dean Karnazes

Keep running, stay fit and have an amazing Sunday.

Thanks and BE Well

Ananth V

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