#1000KmsRun16 Back to fitness basics after a gap of 7 months of running

#1000KmsRun16 Back to fitness basics after a gap of 7 months of running

Yes, that is correct. As much as I would love to admit that I truly love running, especially long distances, this was a shocker to me too.

Having run 2000 Kms during a period of 24 months in 2013-14-15, I stopped running on Feb 2016, at least so to speak, with the dedication that I used to.

My body was trained to endure distances when I ran across various locations even with my constant travel. Over the past 7 months as I slouched and gave excuses to myself about a rigid travel and work schedule, meetings and so many more random excuses to justify my laziness in getting back to running, I realized, I had put on 10-12 kgs in the past 7 months. That’s right. That’s what happens to a body that is used to a rigorous work out schedule and suddenly ends up on the executive lounge day in and day out with no exercise or movement in the real sense of the term.

Finally, three days ago, I said to myself, enough is enough and it was high time I got back to basics. I started walking, rapid or speed walking and running again. I have run a total of 9 kms in the past three days that brings my grand total to 69 Kms as of date on 9/9/2016 from my goal of #1000KmsRun16

I know, there are just 3 months to go for 2016 to end and I am in no way going to be able to cover what seems to be still a total of 1000 kms, but hey, let’s see how far I get from here in the next three months of running.

Here we go again!



Ananth V

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